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Yard: Work in Progress

Posted on: May 18th, 2012 by ssteinruck No Comments

We have lived in our house for almost 2 years and have spent countless hours talking (dreaming) about things we want to do in our yard. Flowers, new garden beds, shrubs, trees, a sandbox, a firepit, patio, etc. The list is long and expensive. All we had was the "builder's grade" landscaping in the front, and even that was in dire need of new mulch and some TLC.

So we finally got started. Our side yard had nothing but grass. Our ugly foundation, stained with red clay (which is what we have instead of real dirt), was visible for all to see. A community walking path goes right along our yard. So this is what people had the pleasure of looking at along their way.

Not attractive. But with a little blood, sweat, and tears (well, ok, no tears) we prettied it up. We started by making a trench along the border of the front garden, and removing the sod from some of the side to create a new garden bed.

We used black plastic edging to help keep the mulch from washing into the yard and on the sidewalk. To help keep weeds away, we covered the whole area with black landscape fabric, cutting around the existing bushes and flowers.

I planted holly bushes, knock out rose bushes, a hydrangea (my fave!) and some other evergreen bushes along the foundation. They're small now, but they'll grow and hopefully cover up the concrete.

Oh my word. I love hydrangeas!

Then we mulched.

We even had some help from our big kids and the neighbor kids!

Now, we have a spruced up front yard and a pretty side yard for all those walkers on the path.


My plan is to put someĀ perennialsĀ in front of the bushes. I'm all about flowers that will come back on their own! There are so many more things on "The List", but this was a good start. We feel very accomplished after a hard day's work! Have you done anything new in your yard this spring?


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