Mudroom Reveal

Our mudroom project is finished. Finally! Well, finished for now anyway. Is anything ever really finished? If you want to catch up on the progress from the beginning, check out this post and this one too. My last big step was caulking. There were lots of cracks and spaces because our walls are not straight. So despite Mr. Helpful's precise miter cuts, even the corners needed some attention.

The beauty of caulk is that you can go from this:


to this:


Not sure why my pics didn't turn out well - there's not a ton of light in there. When I caulk I run a line with the caulk gun and then smooth it out with my finger. Not sure if that's how the pros do it, but it works for me. After filling all the cracks and spaces and using a ton of papertowels... is the finished fully functional mudroom! Hooks up and paint supplies put away. That may or may not have taken longer for me to do than the project itself.

Still thinking of a shelf or ledge across the back...but then again, that's just one more surface to dust. Besides, it seems that we have a problem keeping surfaces clear of junk in our house. Everywhere there is a table, desk, counter, shelf, etc. Things accumulate there. Always. I'd like to get a small bench or cute chair for our mudroom, but that's an eventual upgrade. For now, it works.

Now shoes go either in the little closet to the left in this picture, or in the basket next to the front door. Both places are out of reach from our fourth child...

...who looks like she'd never steal a shoe for attention and run laps around the couch until we have to barricade one side with chairs just so we can catch her and return the now slobbery shoe to its owner. Ha! Right.


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    Nice job!

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