Mudroom Makeover Begins

Here's what happened this week in the mudroom! Remember before....

We sold this bench-shelf set, which will pay for the project! Love that! Out with the old, in with the board and batten! After doing The Bear's room, this small space should be easy, right?

Painting the wall first is a huge time saver!

We used 1x4 primed mdf this time. It was a bit less expensive than the pine. Mr. Helpful cut the boards and then I lined them up and painted them  - also another time saver.

We figured out the measurements and placement of the boards and nailed them in. This is where we hit a bump in the road. Our walls are not straight. Go figure. Some parts bowed in, some bowed out. So we used polyseamseal on all the boards and nailed them in at angles to help keep them "flat" against the wall. It worked...for the most part.

The corners are all mitered. They fit pretty well, but there are spaces due to the swerviness of the walls. But that's what caulk is for.

Here's a board that just would not stay flat on the wall despite multiple nails and polyseamseal. Keeping the caulk industry in business!

Some people remove the existing baseboard to give it the true board and batten look, but we didn't. Instead, we mitered the bottom of each board so they angle into the top of the baseboard. It's such a small space you'd never really notice unless you get down on the floor like I did for this picture. (I don't recommend it - it is a mudroom, after all!)

Another snafu we had was that the boards bubbled a little when we nailed them in, leaving a slightly raised dot even after I filled the holes with woodfiller and sanded them down. This might be because we used mdf - I don't remember having this issue in The Bear's room, where we used pine.

My solution was to use grittier sandpaper and sand it down all the way to the bare board in those places. Then repaint several coats to cover it.

My next step is to caulk around each board and corner to fill in the cracks and give it a nice finished look. Then the hooks will go up. And I'm toying with the idea of putting some sort of ledge shelf on top...more on that next time.

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