Mudroom Redo

We have a mudroom between the garage entry and the kitchen. Our pantry and a small closet are also in the mudroom. I am very thankful to have a mudroom - but it's just not working for us. I've long since drooled over mudrooms I've seen on Pinterest like these...


Our space is much smaller than these and so is our budget. So, here's where we are now.

Not bad. But not the best use of space. The small closet is to the left and I'm standing in the pantry to take this picture. The bench is never used as a seat because it's usually piled with stuff. The hooks on the shelf are not strong enough for third-grade backpacks. There are awkward dead spaces on either side of the bench. And we are always kicking the dog's water bowl, which usually sits in front of the bench. It's just not working.

We have a plan to make this space more functional for our family without breaking the bank. It's going to be great! Check back to see our progress!


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