So long

The Bear came to me and told me she wanted her hair cut short. In fact, her exact words were, "If I don't get my hair cut short, everyone will laugh at me and think I'm a zombie." Oh to be in a 4-year-old's brain sometimes. I figured it would pass, but a week later, she had asked me a million times if we could go to the hair salon and get her hair cut short.

So one morning, after spending about 15 minutes attempting to untangle the long locks, and too many "ouch, Mommy stop!"s, I caved. Off we went. I may or may not have cried when the stylist made the first few cuts. Ok, I cried. Don't judge - she's my baby and her hair is so beautiful.

Here's the before and after.

Still adorable. The Bear is very proud of her new do. I'm recovering.

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  1. megan says:

    She looks so great with her hair cut! I love it!

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