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It's spring, but it feels like summer some days, and it has become routine on our culdesac to have popsicle "parties" almost every day. This usually involves 5-15 kids, depending on who's out, so it needs to be cheap and easy. I buy those freeze pops that come as liquid in the long tube and then you freeze them. The biggest downfall of these cool treats is that you have to cut them open, and usually end up cutting into the frozen, sticky, goodness.

So the last time I bought a bunch, I froze them standing up, so the liquid was at the bottom, leaving a few inches of non-sticky air at the top! No more sticky fingers or scissors. No more kids upset that theirs didn't get cut all the way through. Just popsicle bliss.

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  1. Robert says:

    Neat idea! And the scissors stay clean! :-)

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