Growing Green Onions

I recently learned something fabulous. I can grow my own green onions. In a jar. On my window ledge. With just water. So now, any time I want fresh green onion, I just snip some off. And it grows back! I've been using the same (store bought) green onions for about two months now, and it's still working! I feel like I've uncovered some sort of secret. Shhh. Tell everyone you know!

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  1. Khanh says:

    what?! i didn't know this! i'm going to try this immediately! i wish other veggies were this easy to grow :)

    ps - i work at Viget with Mark

  2. Crystal says:

    Do yours stink? I started some, but my kitchen always smelled really strongly of onions, so i threw them out!

  3. ssteinruck says:

    Crystal - Mine don't stink, but they seem to have quit on me. Maybe 2-3 months is their lifespan. Still a good run!

  4. ssteinruck says:

    Khanh - So did you try it? Did it work for you? I recently saw that you can also plant the base of celery and it will grow back too - haven't tried that, but I'd like to!

  5. Khanh says:

    (sorry for the late response) I did try it! My first attempt was sort of a fail. They started to get pretty slimy which was unsettling to me. I read somewhere that I should be changing the water every other day so I'm doing that now. Maybe they're not getting enough sun though because they are starting to lose their rich green color and are more of a pale green. Did you have similar results?

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