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We have been very productive in our household so far this year. Mr. Helpful attacked his side of our closet. I would say his half, but that would be a lie. Our "sides" are not exactly even. Guilty. Typical, though, right? Women just have more clothes. He emerged with 2 large trash bags full of clothes to donate. He even threw some clothes away, that were not worthy of donating. I could not believe the transformation when I walked in there and saw his side. Wish I had a before picture.

Then I saw my side.

Oh. Not so good. You know those pictures of people who've had half their face treated with some amazing product and the other side looks horrible? That was our closet. Ok, here goes. I'm holding my breath and closing my eyes as you look at this.

Me being "Miss Organized" could not be outdone. I had to tackle my side, which I have successfully avoided since we moved in a year and a half ago. See the moving box? Not sure what's down in there, but obviously, I don't need it if it's been sitting there since July 2010. I have several formal dresses from my skinnier days. Days when I had a reason to actually wear a formal dress from time to time. Business suits from my "real job" days - eight years ago. Bridesmaid dresses, outdated skirts, pants that are too big or too small, shoes that don't fit my post-kid feet, my wedding dress, my guitar (which hasn't been played in at least seven years), and... ugh, I need to stop. It's giving me a headache.

Mr. Helpful agreed to take the kids for the afternoon and I went to work. My method of purging/reorganizing is to make a really big mess first, and start over. I went through the hanging clothes first, and made a donate pile. Or tower, as it turned out to be. If I've had it since before kids, it's gone. Sadly, I've had some things for much much longer than that. If I haven't worn it, or make a face every time I see it hanging there, it's gone.

Next I threw (literally) all the clothes on the shelves down onto the floor. I've got to be honest, there was something very therapeutic about that. I highly recommend it. Things that were staying got neatly folded and placed (not thrown) in neat stacks back on the shelves. The rest were thrown on the donate tower.

A few of my donate clothes are actually quite nice - Ann Taylor, Eddie Bauer. (That's nice to me, a Target, Khols, & Old Navy kind of gal.) So I placed them aside in a laundry basket to see if I can find a place to consign them. I may do that with some of my nicer formal dresses and timeless suits as well. Hey, if I can make a few bucks, it's as if someone paid me to clean out my closet. Score.

Of course, my time in the closet was interrupted by small children wanting to try on my shoes and dresses, and play that dusty guitar. So I had to stop for the day. Things left on my list: bag up the donate tower and get it out of the house. Find a few better solutions for storing things like purses, duffel bags, and goal clothes (the ones that WILL fit me again once I reach my goal.)

I don't have a pretty closet, with matching hangers and pretty shelves with decorative baskets. I'm ok with that. It's my closet. I spend very little time in there, and very few guests ever step foot in there. But it feels great to be able to walk in there without fearing that something is going to come crashing down on my head while I'm trying to figure out what to wear. (And please, don't call the folks at What Not to Wear on me after seeing my wardrobe. I could never spend that much money on so few outfits, like they make you do on that show.)

The 2012 purge continues!

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