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Ribbon Storage - Buzz Cuts & Ponytails

Ribbon Storage

I recently spent some time in my studio (a.k.a. our dining room) taking inventory, which is another way of saying it was such a mess I had no idea what I had in there. Now it's organized. I have a lot of ribbon. I'm a recovering ribbon addict. I fully admit to buying ribbon on sale with no specific project in mind. I can't stop myself when ribbon is on sale. (Help.) There are tons of different ways to organize ribbon - some would work for me, some would not.

Source: http://minimozblog.blogspot.com/

Source: http://shannonjaredwight.blogspot.com/

Source: http://www.amazingpapergrace.com/

The system I use seems to be working, so I'm not going to mess with it. Nothing fancy. Just plastic shoebox size bins, somewhat sorted by color.

I use a pin to hold the end in so the spool doesn't unravel. Ribbon gets used to make hair bows and headbands, mostly. Occasionally I'll use some to tie a label or tag on something, if I'm trying to be all "Martha".


I do sell these headbands and/or hairbows (though I don't have the bows pictured). Headbands are $7. Bows range from $3-5, plus shipping. If you're interested, contact me, and we can figure out colors. They make very nice gifts and can be custom made to match outfits, holidays, etc.


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