First Purge of 2012

Recently, as we were getting the kids out the door for school, searching through the closet for the appropriate coats, matching gloves, etc., Mr. Helpful says to me, "That closet needs help." Yes, yes it does. So The Bear and I went to work.

Here is the closet before.

Contents include games, dog towels, winter hats & gloves, summer hats & caps, a bin of school stuff for each kid, rolling drawers of stationary and extra office supplies, coats for all seasons for five people, bathroom hand towels, four folding tables, four folding chairs, and an overflowing basket of tablecloths that we don't use. Because that makes sense, right? It might help to tell you that this closet is between our powder room and our family room/kitchen area. Not by an entryway. And though we live in the south, we originate from the north, so we do believe in wearing coats unlike many southern natives.

First step - empty contents and vacuum. Next, sort into keep, purge, and relocate piles. Refold dog towels and tablecloths. Rehang coats. Label.

I had a special helper. She was not tired, just an actress who wanted to get in my pictures! Those vinyl tablecloths are usually for outside parties or messy crafts, but they don't stay folded well. So I put a rubber band around them to hold the fold.

The kids coats that are worn most hang from hooks on the door, so they can reach them.

I had an empty bin that worked for my Christmas tablecloths. Two of them are round. Do I have a round table? Not anymore. But I do have an idea for a tree skirt, so I'm going to hang onto them. I promise that if I don't use any of these after next Christmas, they're out. Yes, they are tablecloths, but that's also "free" fabric. That's how I see it.

Hmm. I'm not loving that white basket thing on top, but it's an improvement. It's too wide to fit on the shelf itself. When I reorg the kitchen, maybe the tablecloths can find a new home in there. The coats aren't as scrunched. I actually may be able to purge a couple more, but I need Mr. Helpful to decide, since they're his. Summer hats and adult winter gear have their own bin.

Kids coats that aren't worn every day hang to the right, in order by kid. (A little OCD? Maybe.) The dog towels are folded neatly on my rolling drawer thing. (In case you're wondering, we use the "dog" towels to wipe off her paws if she's wet or muddy. Then we hang the dirty towel on the hinge of the back door until we are so disgusted with it that we put it in the wash. Classy. I know.)

Kid winter gear is in a bin on the floor so they can reach it. I have a better idea, but that is another post. The folding chairs are leaning against the left side, with the tables along the back of the closet.

And the donate pile. Coats and several tablecloths (hiding underneath). Once spring officially comes I can purge some of the little hats and gloves too. (I say officially, because although it's January, my kids are playing outside in shorts and t-shirts. I love the south!)

It feels good to sort through things. Addicting. What will be next? I'm thinking maybe the kitchen...

Have a great weekend!

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