Christmas Recap

Did you miss me? I thought since the kids were off school for Christmas, I'd take a break too. So here's a quick recap of part of our Christmas morning. The kids were too busy to pose for us in front of the tree, but I'll take what I can get.

The big kids got those craft loops to use with looms and make potholders. I think I have a drawer full of them now. They've been busy!

Bud got a cool remote control truck. The dog loves that. And so far, it's not broken. Amazing! The big kids also got IPod Shuffles (as shown in the back of the truck.) So now, they can listen to music that we approved. I'm not sure the headphones will come off for a few days, until the novelty wears off. (It's been so quiet at our house!)

One of my favorite traditions that I married into is the Christmas Morning Danish Kringle. We only ordered 2, but by the miracle of Christmas, we were shipped 4. Cherry, Apple, Cream Cheese, and - my all time favorite - Raspberry.

See that? Is your mouth watering? Here's a picture of the package, in case you'd like to start the tradition in your family.

They know how to make Christmas morning wonderful.

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