Three Little Bakers

On the first day of Christmas break my three loves helped me bake gingerbread men.

They got silly and mostly played with the dough while I attempted to work with what ended up being very dry crumbly dough. (Where did I go wrong - more molasses maybe?) They liked getting messy and sneaking nibbles of dough - which by the way, does not have eggs, so it's ok to eat raw, in case you wondered. It's actually quite good, and if we hadn't baked today we might not have had any dough left in the fridge!

After struggling to roll it out smooth and cut out the little men, I gave up and we just started making gingerbread blobs and squares instead. Bud wanted to make a dog. Girly wanted to make a girl. And the Bear just wanted me to keep sprinkling "sugar" on her little pile, which was really flour. (She calls most white things that can sprinkle sugar - like Parmesan cheese and salt.) They totally didn't care how it looked, and neither did I.

When the gingerbread men came out of the oven and onto the cookie rack, they looked like they had just returned from battle. Some of them just plain didn't make it. Limbs were missing. Some heads too. And any that were actually in tact were dry and cracked like mud baked in the sun.

But. They still tasted great. Just like the dough. Only warm! Obviously, I am not a stickler for perfection, especially when it comes to doing anything with my kids. Why set myself up for failure?

But I have yet to celebrate a Christmas without gingerbread men - or gingerbread whatever.



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