Holiday Concerts

This week is concert week for my elementary kiddos. Girly's was last night, and Bud's is tomorrow night. What is it about elementary school concerts that makes me laugh until I pee my pants cry?! So very entertaining - last night was mostly because the one kid who will obviously be an entertainer of some sort - is the son of one of my favorite friends. Cracked. Me. Up.

The Bear (who insisted on wearing her Christmas dress like Girly) spent most of the concert dancing in the aisle, doing the hand motions and singing along to all the songs (as if she knows them.) People around us were watching her more than the kids on stage. Until she noticed they were watching. Then she went into shy mode and snuggled with Daddy for the rest of the show.

So here are my girls. Bud did not want any part of the post concert picture taking. Out of about 20 pictures, these are the best. How on earth do you get kids to look and smile (a normal smile) at the same time?

Thank you Grama for the pretty dresses!



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